Spare Part AC Mobil

Spare Part AC Mobil.

Auto tuhu bengkel ac mobil & Power steering di malang


Kompresor AC ND As 17.
Kompresor AC {Sanden}.

Spare Part AC MOBIL:

  1. Kompresor AC BARU.
  2. Grill AC Honda Civic {Genio/Estilo}.
  3. Extra Fan A/C Mobil.
  4. Kondensor.
  5. Double Blower.
  6. Evaporator.
  7. Evaporator(Original/Denso)
  8. Expansi.
  9. Filter Udara.
  10. Extra Fan.
  11. Motor Extra Fan.
  12. Motor Blower.
  13. Motor Radiator fan.
  14. Magnet Clutch (Spool Magnet) (Lengkap).
  15. Magnet Clutch (Spool Magnet).
  16. LPS/HPS (Pressure Switch).
  17. Reciver Drier(Filter Drier).
  18. Vacuum Selenoid (Idle Up).
  19. Switch, Werstant & Termostat.

Belajar Automotive Bersama AUTO TUHU, Belajar Otomotif Bersama AUTO TUHU

  1. #1 by daniel on December 18, 2010 - 10:26 am

    Gan,, ane juga maen parts AC mbl nih.. kpn2 mampir ke lapak ane yah.. sp tau aja harganya masuk.. tq

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